Penis & thrusting

Thrusting during intercourse is the rocking movement of the penis in the vagina, done rhythmically as per the male’s arousal.  It is the flip-side of rubbing the penis to arousal during manual sex or oral sex.

How deep does the penis thrust during intercourse? As deep as the vaginal depth allows, as deep as the male’s desire guides him, and most importantly: as deep as it is comfortable for the woman.

Does the penis come out of the vagina during thrusting, as in going in & and coming all the way out, in & out, in & out?  Most of you will say a definite NO, the penis does not come out of the vagina but rather stays inside during thrusting.

Surprisingly enough, there are quite a few who struggle with ‘what is normal’ and who will expect the vagina to endure their repetitive, rhythmic in & out powerful motions.  For the woman, these quick, ongoing penetrations will activate the tightening reflex of the vaginal ring (introitus), giving her discomfort and painful intercourse (dyspareunia) or even vaginismus.

Gentlemen, please respect vaginal endurance and stay inside when you thrust.  And ladies, do not suffer in silence!

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